Titles in Development mode


When you're ready to scale up, it's important to make sure you switch your title from "Development mode" to "Live". This is achieved using the Launch button (on the Game Overview page or the PlayFab main dashboard where you see all your studios and titles), so that the title isn't limited to 100K player accounts.

All PlayFab titles are in one of two possible states - development mode and live. Development mode is, as the name suggests, meant for titles currently in development. This mode provides developers with the flexibility to connect a title to PlayFab without running up the bill.

A title in development mode can only have up to 100 K users. These titles can be launched through Game Manager and is then considered live. Launching a title removes all development mode limitations and allows the title to expand outside of test markets.

By default, every title created starts in development mode. The My Studios and Titles main page will indicate which state a title is in through a mark on the bottom, left corner of the title block. This indicator can also be viewed at the top of the left nav within a title. Titles in development mode are labeled Development. Live titles are blank.

My Studios view of development mode title tag

My Studios view of development mode title tag

Title page view of development mode title tag

Title page view of development mode title tag

Live title with blank tag

Live title with blank tag


As long as your title is in development mode, consumption is not counted towards any of your billable meters.

The example below shows how meter consumption is reflected in the billing for a fictional customer called Fun Studios:

Title Title mode Meter Consumption
Fun Game Live 1M PlayStream Events
Fun Game 2: The Return of Fun Development mode 100K PlayStream Events

When Fun Studios visits their Billing Summary page, they only see the consumption for their Live title, Fun Game, count against their Standard Plan included resources.

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There are some studio and title limits associated with development mode:

Studio Limits

Limit Amount
Titles in Development mode 10 Titles

Title Limits

Limit Amount
Unique Users 100,000 Users
PlayStream Events 1M Events
Telemetry Events 1M Events
Profile Reads 5M Reads
Profile Writes 1M Writes
Profile Storage 2 GB
Content and Configuration Reads 20K Reads
Content and Configuration Writes 15 K Writes
Content and Configuration Storage 2 GB
CloudScript Execution Time 20 K GB-s
CloudScript Total Executions 200 K Executions
Insights Credits Insights Performance Level 1

Definition of Unique Users: Unique Users are simply the total number of player profiles you have in your title, which is different from MAU - you can delete player profiles through the Players page in Game Manager to reduce the total number of Unique Users if you're approaching the limit but aren't ready to launch your title


You can learn more about title limits at PlayFab pricing.