Install the sync app per-machine

By default, the OneDrive sync app installs per-user, meaning that you need to install the app for each user on a machine. With the per-machine installation option, you'll only need to install the app once on a PC. This option is especially useful for computers with multiple users and for when you don't want executable files running from a user profile.

Other than where the sync app is installed, the behavior is the same.


The OneDrive sync app with the installation option of either per-machine or per-user both use the same release notes, support the same update rings, and update in the same time-frame. More info about the sync app update process.

If you're moving from per-user to per-machine, update settings aren't affected.


The per-machine installation's system requirements are the same as the per-user installation.

The per-machine installation option supports syncing OneDrive and SharePoint files in Microsoft 365 and in SharePoint Server 2019.

The per-machine installation option provides automatic transitioning from the previous OneDrive sync app (Groove.exe).

Deployment instructions

  1. Download OneDriveSetup.exe.
  2. Run "OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers" from a command prompt window (this results in a User Account Control prompt) or by using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

While the per-user option installs OneDrive for each user account on a PC under the %localappdata% folder, the per-machine option installs OneDrive under the "Program Files (x86)" or "Program Files" directory (depending on the OS architecture).

When setup completes, OneDrive starts. If accounts were added on the computer, they're migrated automatically.

Verify per-machine installation

To verify that you have the per-machine installation, you can use the following registry detection rule in Configuration Manager:

Field Value
Key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive
Name Version
32-bit on 64-bit TRUE
Value 19.043.0304.0007

Revert back to the per-user sync app

We don't support automated migration from per-machine to per-user. To revert back after installing per-machine, uninstall the sync app and install the latest released version without the "/allusers" parameter.