Teamwork by Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®

How can we work as a team, on and off the field?

Teamwork means finding positive ways to work as a group in order to reach a common goal. Your students are members of many teams: family, school, sports, and more! Knowing their role and how they can work with their diverse teams can be tricky. These lessons help your students learn all about teamwork.

Students will participate in interactive lessons and walk away with a stronger and more thorough understanding of teamwork. Your students will:

  • Reflect on their own abilities and roles on teams
  • Learn how to identify and honor their own, and teammates’, strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover how to work through obstacles like disagreements and failure
  • Know how to establish a positive team culture

Most importantly, students will understand why they should strive to create and be a part of inclusive teams on and off the field.

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