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As the Project Manager for Contoso, Holly Dickson wants to create a regular meeting where the entire project team is invited. This meeting will enable the team members to coordinate tasks and keep up to date with current team activity. What type of meeting should Holly create?


As the Teams administrator for Tailspin Toys, Allan DeYoung wants to prevent anonymous users from joining Teams meetings. How can Allan achieve this goal?


As the Teams administrator for Lucerne Publishing, Patti Fernandez has been asked by the company CEO to deliver an internal live event in which members of the senior leadership team discuss upcoming issues. The CEO wants the Live broadcast to be embedded on custom intranet pages or other hosting spots. When the event ends, the CEO wants Lucerne's employees to be able to find them there for later viewing. Which type of Live event should Patti create?


Which of the following settings can be configured in a custom Teams meeting template?


As the Teams administrator for Fabrikam, Inc, you need to ensure that all Human Resources meetings are recorded. How would you enforce the meeting recording policy to ensure that recording is always enabled?