Overview of custom connectors


If you built your first canvas app in Power Apps, you may be thinking how you can extend your app by calling a publicly available API, or a custom API you're hosting in a cloud provider, such as Azure. To support such tailored scenarios, you can build custom connectors with triggers and actions. Because these connectors are function-based, they will call specific functions in the underlying service of the API to return the corresponding data.

An advantage of building custom connectors is that they can be used in different platforms, such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Azure Logic Apps.

Creating custom connectors

You can create custom connectors using three different approaches:

While the requirements for each approach will vary, they all require either a per user/app/month or a per user/month for all users using the app. Each link above points to the instructions for each approach. You'll learn how to create a custom connector from a Postman collection in a later unit.