ICE66 uses the tables in the database to determine which schema your database should use.

Some functionality may only be available if the package is installed on a system with a current Windows Installer version.


ICE66 posts a warning if your database is using the wrong schema.


ICE66 reports the following warning for the example shown.

WARNING: Complete functionality of the IsolatedComponents table is only available with Windows Installer versions 1.1 or greater. Your schema is 100.

This warning can be ignored if you want your package to be installed using a current Windows Installer version. For example, if you want your package to be installable only on version 2.0 or later, change your package schema (PID_PAGECOUNT) to 200.

IsolatedComponent Table

Component_Shared Component_Application
Component1 Component2


Summary Information Stream

PIDt Value


Table used during execution:

_Columns table

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