Microsoft Invest - Reconciling your seller statement with reporting

Run the seller billing report

In the UI, run the Selling Billing Report to view your Seller Revenue on your seller activity statement. You can also use the Selling Billing Report to confirm your (Managed) Ad Serving fee on your invoice.

  1. On the Member reporting screen, select Selling Billing Report in the Type dropdown.
  2. Enter a date in the Range field that corresponds to the period start and end date on your invoice, and then click Run report.

Confirm invoice values (selling)

The (Managed) Ad Serving Fee is the amount to be paid to Microsoft Advertising for kept, blank, default, and PSA impressions (which includes filtered requests). The sum of the Total Imps* in the Blank, Default, Kept, and PSA rows should match the value in the Billable Units column on your invoice. To calculate the charge, multiply the sum of Total Imps* where Impression Type is Blank, Default, Kept, or PSA by the CPM ad serving fee in your Microsoft Advertising contract. The value you have calculated should match the value in the Amount column on your invoice.

*Total Imps = Imps + Filtered Requests