Microsoft Invest - View advertiser details

The Advertiser Details screen shows you the settings and essential metrics for a specific advertiser, provides visualizations of the advertiser's performance, and offers quick access to the advertiser's child objects.

Getting to the Advertiser Details screen

On the Advertisers screen, click the name of the advertiser for which you want to view advanced details. This takes you to the Advertiser Details screen.

Viewing advertiser settings

The settings that display here can be edited by clicking Edit at the top of the Advertisers screen. For more information, see Create an Advertiser.

Basic setup

Setting Description
Time Zone Specifies the advertiser's time zone.
Time Format Specifies the advertiser's time format (12-hour or 24-hour).
Currency Specifies the currency for the advertiser.
Brand Specifies the default brand that is assigned to all creatives added for this advertiser.
Offer Category Specifies the default offer category that is assigned to all creatives added for this advertiser.
Exclusions Specifies competitive exclusions to prevent creatives with competitive brands or offer categories from serving alongside each other.
Political Advertising Specifies whether this advertiser is releasing advertisements related to an election, ballot initiative, or political candidate in the United States.

Associated fees

Displays partner fees associated with this advertiser. For more information, see Partner Fees.

Associated universal pixel

Displays the universal pixel that has been associated to the advertiser, which can be used on multiple webpages simultaneously. For more information, see The Universal Pixel.


Displays the teams that has been associated with the advertiser.

Reporting labels

Indicates whether a Salesperson, Account Manager, or Advertiser Type has been associated with the advertiser. If so, these labels can be used when running reports. For example, if a salesperson is associated with the advertiser, the report will be grouped by salesperson across advertisers.

Billing information

Displays the billing address for the advertiser. This helps you maintain all of your advertiser information in one system. Microsoft Advertising does not bill advertisers for you, and billing information is not included in reporting.

Frequency & Recency

Displays frequency and recency caps applied to the advertiser. For more information, see Frequency and Recency Caps.

Associated insertion orders

Displays insertion orders associated with the advertiser.

Associated line items

Displays line items associated with the advertiser.

Viewing child object details

To view child object details:

  1. Click the Associated Objects menu on the right of the Details pane.
  2. Select the appropriate object category such as Creatives.