Install the voice channel

To configure and use the voice channel for your business needs, you need to install the channel in Omnichannel for Customer Service.


You must obtain an active subscription of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Voice Channel Add-in or Dynamics 365 Customer Service Digital Messaging and Voice Add-in. For more information about licenses and pricing, see the Dynamics 365 licensing guide. You can also purchase add-ins on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Install the voice channel

  1. Perform the steps outlined in Set up Omnichannel for Customer Service.

  2. In the Voice section, set the Add voice toggle to Yes to enable the voice channel. Ensure that you select the Voice and SMS Terms checkbox.

  3. Save and close.

Next steps

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The voice channel supports a maximum call duration of two hours, after which the call is disconnected. As a workaround, we recommend that you activate the callback feature.

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