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This C# SDK is used in the .NET environment, including Common Language Runtime (CLR). It is frequently used in cross-platform iOS and Android app titles created using the free, open-source Xamarin platform. This SDK is also used in games and apps coded in native C# for the Windows platform.

If you have questions about the SDK or need help in resolving issues, go to PlayFab forums > API and SDK.

This SDK is auto-generated using our open-sourced tool—SDKGenerator. We generally build SDKs every other week to stay current with the latest API changes.

Key components in this SDK

This C# PlayFab SDK package consists of three different API combinations.

  1. PlayFabClientSDK - Contains only client libraries. This is designed for integration on your game client.
  2. PlayFabServerSDK - Contains only server and admin APIs. This is designed for integration on your custom logic server or build process
  3. PlayFabSDK - Contains all APIs in one SDK (client, server, and admin), as well as, a unit-test project.

When not to use this SDK

The C# PlayFab SDK should not be used if there is a more specific SDK that is suited for your project.

Specific PlayFab SDK is available for:

For a full list of the different PlayFab SDKs, see Azure PlayFab SDK.

Using the SDK

This native C# project can be used in these two ways.

  • Admin tools for maintaining your game

    • Usually, you will want to make synchronous calls back-to-back.
    • Each API call will lock the program while it's executing, but that's not an issue for this type of program.
    • See the comment about loginTask.Wait() in the example code below. This is how you'll usually make API calls.
  • An actual game coded in native C#

Add SDK to your project

Alternatively, you can install the NuGet package into your Visual Studio project using the NuGet Package Manager. For instructions, see Install and use a package in Visual Studio. For more information, see Getting started with NuGet.