Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - Get Started


The preferred approach for writing Windows apps is to use the Windows App SDK and WinUI. Another option is WPF.

Build apps that work across different Windows devices.

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Learn about UWP

The Universal Windows Platform let you build apps that work and look great across all Windows device types, or update existing apps with new features.

What's a UWP app?
Design and UI
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Get set up

Visual Studio Community and the Windows SDK give you everything you need to build great apps – and they're free.

Download the tools and SDK
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Start coding

Learn how to create a UWP app.

Start coding
API Reference

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Looking for a guided learning experience? These tutorials will help.

Navigate between two pages
Data binding
Use layout panels
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Get firsthand experience with the UWP platform, and see APIs in action.

Using Windows app samples
Customer Orders Database
Quiz Game (Project Rome)
Windows code samples portal
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New to development?

Learn about the different options for developing Windows apps.

Selecting a development technology
Windows on Microsoft Learn training