Automated backup Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL servers

To enable automated backups, include the --storage-class-backups argument when you create an Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server. Specify the retention period for backups with the --retention-days parameter. Use this parameter when you create or update an Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server. The retention period can be between 0 and 35 days. If backups are enabled but no retention period is specified, the default is seven days.

Additionally, if you set the retention period to zero, then automated backups are disabled.


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Create server with automated backup

Create an Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server with automated backups:

az postgres server-arc create -n <name> -k <namespace> --storage-class-backups <storage-class> --retention-days <number of days> --use-k8s 

Update a server to set retention period

Update the backup retention period for an Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server:

az postgres server-arc update -n pg01 -k test --retention-days <number of days> --use-k8s