Function of cloud data security

The main objective for a data security team is to provide security protections and detective controls for sensitive enterprise data in any format in any location.


Data security strategies are being shaped primarily by:

  • Data sprawl: Sensitive data is being generated and stored on a nearly limitless variety of devices and cloud services where people creatively collaborate.
  • New model: The cloud enables new models of "phone home for key" to supplement and replace classic data loss protection (DLP) models that "catch it on the way out the door"
  • Regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are requiring organizations to closely track private data and how applications are using it.

Team composition and key relationships

Data security commonly interacts with following roles in the organization:

  • Key business leaders or their representatives
  • Records management teams
  • Policy and standards teams
  • Privacy teams
  • IT architecture and operations
  • Security architecture and operations
  • Legal teams
  • Insider risk team
  • Compliance/risk management teams

Next steps

Review the function of cloud infrastructure and endpoint security.