Azure Service Fabric PowerShell samples

The following table includes links to PowerShell scripts samples that create and manage Service Fabric clusters, applications, and services.


There are two PowerShell modules used to interact with Service Fabric. Azure PowerShell is used to manage Azure resources, such as an Azure-hosted Service Fabric cluster. Azure Service Fabric SDK is used to directly connect to the Service Fabric cluster (regardless of where it's hosted) and manage the cluster, applications, and services.

Script Description
Create cluster
Create a cluster (Azure) Creates an Azure Service Fabric cluster.
Manage cluster, nodes, and infrastructure
Add an application certificate Creates an X509 certificate to Key Vault and deploys it to a virtual machine scale set in your cluster.
Update the RDP port range on cluster VMs Changes the RDP port range on cluster node VMs in a deployed cluster.
Update the admin user and password for cluster node VMs Updates the admin username and password for cluster node VMs.
Open a port in the load balancer Open an application port in the Azure load balancer to allow inbound traffic on a specific port.
Create an inbound network security group rule Create an inbound network security group rule to allow inbound traffic to the cluster on a specific port.
Manage applications
Deploy an application Deploy an application to a cluster.
Upgrade an application Upgrade an application.
Remove an application Remove an application from a cluster.