Customize lead qualification process for a seamless experience


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Business value

Streamlined lead qualification in Dynamics 365 Sales empowers you to fine-tune the qualification process, aligning it precisely with your organization's unique needs and sales criteria. This agile configuration not only eliminates back-and-forth interactions but also saves valuable time, promoting swift, informed lead evaluation.

As a sales professional, you can benefit from insightful Copilot lead summaries, which provide clear and concise lead overviews for informed decision-making. The ability to create multiple opportunities from a single lead maximizes sales potential, while enhanced collaboration allows for opportunity assignments among team members. Furthermore, redundant data entry is eliminated as fields of the generated opportunities are prepopulated, boosting your productivity and ensuring focused efforts on high-value sales activities.

Feature details

As an administrator, you can:

  • Configure the lead qualification process to ensure that leads are thoroughly evaluated.
  • Enable Copilot to generate a lead qualification summary.
  • Configure the creation of multiple opportunities from a single lead.
  • Configure the fields to be prepopulated in the opportunity record based on the information in the lead.

As a seller, you can:

  • Assign newly generated opportunities to other sellers, fostering collaboration and maximizing sales team efficiency.
  • View the AI-generated lead qualification summary after a lead is qualified.
  • Choose to create multiple opportunities from a single lead.

Lead qualification