WdStoryType enumeration (Word)

Specifies the story type of a selection or item.

Name Value Description
wdCommentsStory 4 Comments story.
wdEndnoteContinuationNoticeStory 17 Endnote continuation notice story.
wdEndnoteContinuationSeparatorStory 16 Endnote continuation separator story.
wdEndnoteSeparatorStory 15 Endnote separator story.
wdEndnotesStory 3 Endnotes story.
wdEvenPagesFooterStory 8 Even pages footer story.
wdEvenPagesHeaderStory 6 Even pages header story.
wdFirstPageFooterStory 11 First page footer story.
wdFirstPageHeaderStory 10 First page header story.
wdFootnoteContinuationNoticeStory 14 Footnote continuation notice story.
wdFootnoteContinuationSeparatorStory 13 Footnote continuation separator story.
wdFootnoteSeparatorStory 12 Footnote separator story.
wdFootnotesStory 2 Footnotes story.
wdMainTextStory 1 Main text story.
wdPrimaryFooterStory 9 Primary footer story.
wdPrimaryHeaderStory 7 Primary header story.
wdTextFrameStory 5 Text frame story.

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