SharePoint Framework v1.4 release notes

Released: December 7, 2017


This page addresses details related to a specific SPFx release version. This page doesn't include additional SPFx prerequisites that must be installed in order to develop SPFx solutions, including Node.js, Yeoman, and other tools.

To learn more about these prerequisites, see Set up your SharePoint Framework development environment.

Upgrading projects from v1.3 to v1.4

In the project's package.json file, identify all SPFx v1.3 packages. For each SPFx package:

  1. Uninstall the existing v1.3 package:

    npm uninstall @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}@1.3
  2. Install the refreshed v1.4 package:

    npm install @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}@1.4.0 --save --save-exact


The CLI for Microsoft 365 provides an easy step-by-step guidance to upgrade your solutions to latest SharePoint Framework version.

New features and capabilities


  • Introduce a new no-require-ensure rule to facilitate deprecating require.ensure() in favor of the import keyword


  • Enable build assets to be incorporated into the *.sppkg file and hosted by SharePoint


  • Add asyncComponents option to config.json. This setting can be used to avoid imports that would cause a library to be accidentally loaded synchronously instead of asynchronously
  • Introduce the ability to specify a relative path to an icon in a web part or extension manifest


  • Add missing tilde to libraries when generating client-side extension projects
  • Enable skipLibCheck to work around the inconsistent declarations of "WeakMap" in lodash and es2015.collection
  • Add launch.json and extensions.json to the generator SharePoint solution


  • Promote SPHttpClientBatch from @alpha to @beta
  • Initial beta release of SPHttpHeader enum and SPHttpClientResponse.correlationId property


  • Disallow loading of components built using SPFx preview releases prior to 1.0


  • Add preloadListItemProperties to the preloadOptions section of the client-side application manifest
  • Add a "tags" property to the web part manifest
  • Introduce the ability to specify a relative path to an icon in a web part or extension manifest
  • Enable the preloadComponents field to be used with other client-side component manifest types


  • Add shouldNotPersist to IWebPartPropertyMetadata to allow marking web part properties that shouldn't persist on the server


  • Add escaperegex() function
  • Use lodash-cli to significantly reduce the bundle size for @microsoft/sp-lodash-subset
  • Add find() function

Changes in this release

  • Replace @types/es6-collections with the typescript compiler's built-in es2015.collection library
  • Remove beta tags from some APIs that are now officially supported


  • Update the generator work with older versions of the config.json file, because automatically upgrading it interfered with older branches such as on-premises
  • Include missing ajv dependency in the generated package.json
  • Remove outdated JSON schema settings
  • Fix an issue with parsing on-premises configuration files
  • Fix an issue where we appended "WebPart" to the class name twice when creating a web part with no template
  • Remove a heuristic that was removing parts of the component name, because customers found this confusing
  • Fix an issue where localization files for extensions were overwritten
  • Fix an issue with data bindings for the Knockout web part template
  • Add a suppression for the "CSS class ms-Grid isn't camelCase" warning caused by Fabric
  • Update the Yeoman generator to use @microsoft/sp-office-ui-fabric-core instead of directly referencing office-ui-fabric
  • Update generator's React type declarations to use a newer React-DOM, and remove the deprecated React-addons packages


  • Update dependencies and fix a few issues that were causing warnings


  • Remove the Z-index support from @microsoft/sp-office-ui-fabric-core


  • Replace @types/es6-collections with the TypeScript compiler's built-in es2015.collection library


  • Fix an issue where the --locale parameter isn't respected
  • Add batching to dev-deploy and upload-cdn
  • Fix a minor issue with icon URL generation where icon URLs would be missing the CDN prefix
  • Update webpack loaders to get rid of the deprecation warning


  • Fix an issue where the property pane didn't refresh properly
  • Fix an issue with ariaLabel functionality in property pane button
  • Fix an Internet Explorer compatibility issue when a checkbox has a long title
  • Remove @beta designation for WebPartContext

Deprecations and removed items in this release


  • Deprecate the UNIT_TEST webpack macro, because this practice made it too easy to accidentally include test code in a production bundle


  • Deprecated IServiceCollection and UrlQueryParameterCollection


  • Deprecate IWebPartContext