Localization support in Azure Maps

Azure Maps supports various languages and views based on country/region. This article provides the supported languages and views to help guide your Azure Maps implementation.

Azure Maps supported languages

Azure Maps have been localized in variety languages across its services. The following table provides the supported language codes for each service.

Code Name Maps Search Routing Traffic Weather
af-ZA Afrikaans
ar Arabic
bg-BG Bulgarian
bn-BD Bangla (Bangladesh)
bn-IN Bangla (India)
bs-BA Bosnian
ca-ES Catalan
cs-CZ Czech
da-DK Danish
de-DE German
el-GR Greek
en-AU English (Australia)
en-GB English (Great Britain)
en-NZ English (New Zealand)
en-US English (USA)
es-419 Spanish (Latin America)
es-ES Spanish (Spain)
es-MX Spanish (Mexico)
et-EE Estonian
eu-ES Basque
fi-FI Finnish
fil-PH Filipino
fr-CA French (Canada)
fr-FR French (France)
gl-ES Galician
gu-IN Gujarati
he-IL Hebrew
hi-IN Hindi
hr-HR Croatian
hu-HU Hungarian
id-ID Indonesian
is-IS Icelandic
it-IT Italian
ja-JP Japanese
kk-KZ Kazakh
kn-IN Kannada
ko-KR Korean
lt-LT Lithuanian
lv-LV Latvian
mk-MK Macedonian
mr-IN Marathi
ms-MY Malay
nb-NO Norwegian Bokmål
NGT Neutral Ground Truth (Local)1
NGT-Latn Neutral Ground Truth (Latin)2
nl-BE Dutch (Belgium)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands)
pa-IN Punjabi
pl-PL Polish
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
ro-RO Romanian
ru-RU Russian
sk-SK Slovak
sl-SI Slovenian
sr-Cyrl-RS Serbian (Cyrillic)
sr-Latn-RS Serbian (Latin)
sv-SE Swedish
ta-IN Tamil
te-IN Telugu
th-TH Thai
tr-TR Turkish
uk-UA Ukrainian
ur-PK Urdu
uz-Latn-UZ Uzbek
vi-VN Vietnamese
zh-HanS-CN Chinese (Simplified, China)
zh-HanT-HK Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)
zh-HanT-TW Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)

1 Neutral Ground Truth (Local) - Official languages for all regions in local scripts if available
2 Neutral Ground Truth (Latin) - Latin exonyms will be used if available

Azure Maps supported views


On August 1, 2019, Azure Maps was released in the following countries/regions:

  • Argentina
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan

After August 1, 2019, the View parameter will define the returned map content for the new regions/countries listed above. Azure Maps View parameter (also referred to as "user region parameter") is a two letter ISO-3166 Country Code that will show the correct maps for that country/region specifying which set of geopolitically disputed content is returned via Azure Maps services, including borders and labels displayed on the map.

Make sure you set up the View parameter as required for the REST APIs and the SDKs, which your services are using.


Ensure that you have set up the View parameter as required. View parameter specifies which set of geopolitically disputed content is returned via Azure Maps services.

Affected Azure Maps REST services:

  • Get Map Tile
  • Get Map Image
  • Get Search Fuzzy
  • Get Search POI
  • Get Search POI Category
  • Get Search Nearby
  • Get Search Address
  • Get Search Address Structured
  • Get Search Address Reverse
  • Get Search Address Reverse Cross Street
  • Post Search Inside Geometry
  • Post Search Address Batch
  • Post Search Address Reverse Batch
  • Post Search Along Route
  • Post Search Fuzzy Batch


Ensure that you have set up the View parameter as required, and you have the latest version of Web SDK and Android SDK. Affected SDKs:

  • Azure Maps Web SDK
  • Azure Maps Android SDK

By default, the View parameter is set to Unified, even if you haven't defined it in the request. Determine the location of your users. Then, set the View parameter correctly for that location. Alternatively, you can set 'View=Auto', which will return the map data based on the IP address of the request. The View parameter in Azure Maps must be used in compliance with applicable laws, including those laws about mapping of the country/region where maps, images, and other data and third-party content that you're authorized to access via Azure Maps is made available.

The following table provides supported views.

View Description Maps Search
AE United Arab Emirates (Arabic View)
AR Argentina (Argentinian View)
BH Bahrain (Arabic View)
IN India (Indian View)
IQ Iraq (Arabic View)
JO Jordan (Arabic View)
KW Kuwait (Arabic View)
LB Lebanon (Arabic View)
MA Morocco (Moroccan View)
OM Oman (Arabic View)
PK Pakistan (Pakistani View)
PS Palestinian Authority (Arabic View)
QA Qatar (Arabic View)
SA Saudi Arabia (Arabic View)
SY Syria (Arabic View)
YE Yemen (Arabic View)
Auto Automatically detect based on request
Unified Unified View (Others)