Troubleshoot virtual machine (VM) deployment failures in Azure DevTest Labs

This article guides you through possible causes and troubleshooting steps for deployment failures on Azure DevTest Labs virtual machines (VMs).

Why do I get a "Parent resource not found" error when I provision a VM from PowerShell?

When one resource is a parent to another resource, the parent resource must exist before you create the child resource. If the parent resource doesn't exist, you see a ParentResourceNotFound message. If you don't specify a dependency on the parent resource, the child resource might be deployed before the parent.

VMs are child resources under a lab in a resource group. When you use Resource Manager templates to deploy VMs by using PowerShell, the resource group name provided in the PowerShell script should be the resource group name of the lab. For more information, see Troubleshoot common Azure deployment errors.

Where can I find more error information if a VM deployment fails?

VM deployment errors are captured in activity logs. You can find lab VM activity logs under Audit logs or Virtual machine diagnostics on the resource menu on the lab's VM page (the page appears after you select the VM from the My virtual machines list).

Sometimes, the deployment error occurs before VM deployment begins. An example is when the subscription limit for a resource that was created with the VM is exceeded. In this case, the error details are captured in the lab-level activity logs. Activity logs are located at the bottom of the Configuration and policies settings. For more information about using activity logs in Azure, see View activity logs to audit actions on resources.

Why do I get "location is not available for resource type" error when trying to create a lab?

You may see an error message similar to the following one when you try to create a lab:

The provided location 'australiacentral' is not available for resource type 'Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults'. List of available regions for the resource type is 'devx-track-azurepowershell,northcentralus,eastus,northeurope,westeurope,eastasia,southeastasia,eastus2,centralus,southcentralus,westus,japaneast,japanwest,australiaeast,australiasoutheast,brazilsouth,centralindia,southindia,westindia,canadacentral,canadaeast,uksouth,ukwest,westcentralus,westus2,koreacentral,koreasouth,francecentral,southafricanorth

You can resolve this error by taking one of the following steps:

Option 1

Check availability of the resource type in Azure regions on the Products available by region page. If the resource type isn't available in a certain region, DevTest Labs doesn't support creation of a lab in that region. Select another region when creating your lab.

Option 2

If the resource type is available in your region, check if it's registered with your subscription. It can be done at the subscription owner level as shown in Azure resource providers and types.

Why isn't my existing virtual network saving properly?

One possibility is that your virtual network name contains periods. If so, try removing the periods or replacing them with hyphens. Then, try again to save the virtual network.

Next steps

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