Troubleshoot issues with data exports from your Azure IoT Central application

This document helps you find out why the data your IoT Central application isn't reaching it's intended destination or isn't arriving in the correct format.

Managed identity issues

You're using a managed identity to authorize the connection to an export destination. Data isn't arriving at the export destination.

Before you configure or enable the export destination, make sure that you complete the following steps:

  • Enable the managed identity for the IoT Central application. To verify that the managed identity is enabled, go to the Identity page for your application in the Azure portal or use the following CLI command:

    az iot central app identity show --name {your app name} --resource-group {your resource group name}
  • Configure the permissions for the managed identity. To view the assigned permissions, select Azure role assignments on the Identity page for your app in the Azure portal or use the az role assignment list CLI command. The required permissions are:

    Destination Permission
    Azure Blob storage Storage Blob Data Contributor
    Azure Service Bus Azure Service Bus Data Sender
    Azure Event Hubs Azure Event Hubs Data Sender
    Azure Data Explorer Admin

    If the permissions were not set correctly before you created the destination in your IoT Central application, try removing the destination and then adding it again.

  • Configure any virtual networks, private endpoints, and firewall policies.


If you're using a managed identity to authorize the connection to an export destination, IoT Central doesn't export data from simulated devices.

To learn more, see Export data.

Next steps

If you need more help, you can contact the Azure experts on the Microsoft Q&A and Stack Overflow forums. Alternatively, you can file an Azure support ticket.

For more information, see Azure IoT support and help options.