Built-in and preinstalled components on Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime

APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics


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This article lists all built-in and preinstalled components, such as clients, drivers, providers, connection managers, data sources/destinations/transformations, and tasks on SSIS Integration Runtime (IR) in Azure Data Factory (ADF) or Synapse Pipelines. To provision SSIS IR in ADF, follow the instructions in Provision Azure-SSIS IR.

OS and .NET Framework on Azure-SSIS IR

Name Version
Windows Windows Server 2019
.NET Framework 4.7.2

Built-in and preinstalled clients, drivers, and providers on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name - Version - Platform
Built-in clients/drivers/providers Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable - RTM - X64

Microsoft Analysis Management Objects - 15.0.2000.443 - X64

Microsoft Analysis Services OLEDB Provider - 15.0.2000.443 - X64

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client - 11.4.7462.6 - X64

Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server - 14.0.900.902 - X64

Microsoft OLEDB Driver 18 for SQL Server - 18.6.5 - X64

Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2 - 6.0 - X64

SharePoint Online Client Components SDK - 15.4711.1001 - X64

Built-in and preinstalled connection managers on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name
Built-in connection managers ADO Connection Manager

ADO.NET Connection Manager

Analysis Services Connection Manager

Excel Connection Manager

File Connection Manager

Flat File Connection Manager

FTP Connection Manager

Hadoop Connection Manager

HTTP Connection Manager

MSMQ Connection Manager

Multiple Files Connection Manager

Multiple Flat Files Connection Manager

ODBC Connection Manager

OLEDB Connection Manager

SAP BW Connection Manager (Enterprise Edition)

SMO Connection Manager

SMTP Connection Manager

SQL Server Compact Edition Connection Manager

WMI Connection Manager
Preinstalled connection managers (Azure Feature Pack) Azure Data Lake Analytics Connection Manager

Azure Data Lake Store Connection Manager

Azure HDInsight Connection Manager

Azure Resource Manager Connection Manager

Azure Storage Connection Manager

Azure Subscription Connection Manager

Built-in and preinstalled data sources on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name
Built-in data sources ADO.NET Source

CDC Source (Enterprise Edition)

Excel Source

Flat File Source

HDFS File Source

OData Source

ODBC Source

OLEDB Source

Raw File Source

SAP BW Source (Enterprise Edition)

XML Source
Preinstalled data sources (Azure Feature Pack + Power Query Source) Azure Blob Source

Azure Data Lake Store Source

Flexible File Source

Power Query Source

Built-in and preinstalled data destinations on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name
Built-in data destinations ADO.NET Destination

Data Mining Model Training Destination (Enterprise Edition)

DataReader Destination

Data Streaming Destination

Dimension Processing Destination (Enterprise Edition)

Excel Destination

Flat File Destination

HDFS File Destination

ODBC Destination

OLEDB Destination

Partition Processing Destination (Enterprise Edition)

Raw File Destination

Recordset Destination

SAP BW Destination (Enterprise Edition)

SQL Server Compact Edition Destination

SQL Server Destination
Preinstalled data destinations (Azure Feature Pack) Azure Blob Destination

Azure Data Lake Store Destination

Flexible File Destination

Built-in and preinstalled data transformations on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name
Built-in auditing transformations Audit Transformation

Row Count Transformation
Built-in BI transformations Data Mining Query Transformation (Enterprise Edition)

DQS Cleansing Transformation

Fuzzy Grouping Transformation (Enterprise Edition)

Fuzzy Lookup Transformation (Enterprise Edition)

Term Extraction Transformation (Enterprise Edition)

Term Lookup Transformation (Enterprise Edition)
Built-in row transformations Character Map Transformation

Copy Column Transformation

Data Conversion Transformation

Derived Column Transformation

Export Column Transformation

Import Column Transformation

OLE DB Command Transformation

Script Component
Built-in rowset transformations Aggregate Transformation

Percentage Sampling Transformation

Pivot Transformation

Row Sampling Transformation

Sort Transformation

Unpivot Transformation
Built-in split and join transformations Balanced Data Distributor Transformation

Cache Transform

CDC Splitter (Enterprise Edition)

Conditional Split Transformation

Lookup Transformation

Merge Join Transformation

Merge Transformation

Multicast Transformation

Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation

Union All Transformation

Built-in and preinstalled tasks on Azure-SSIS IR

Type Name
Built-in Analysis Services tasks Analysis Services Execute DDL Task

Analysis Services Processing Task

Data Mining Query Task
Built-in data flow tasks Data Flow Task
Built-in data preparation tasks CDC Control Task (Enterprise Edition)

Check Database Integrity Task

Data Profiling Task

File System Task

FTP Task

Hadoop File System Task

Hadoop Hive Task

Hadoop Pig Task

Web Service Task

XML Task
Built-in maintenance tasks Back Up Database Task

Execute T-SQL Statement Task

History Cleanup Task

Maintenance Cleanup Task

Notify Operator Task

Rebuild Index Task

Reorganize Index Task

Select Objects to Transfer

Shrink Database Task

Transfer Database Task

Transfer Error Messages Task

Transfer Jobs Task

Transfer Logins Task

Transfer Master Stored Procedures Task

Transfer SQL Server Objects Task

Update Statistics Task
Built-in scripting tasks Script Task
Built-in SQL Server tasks Bulk Insert Task

Execute SQL Task
Built-in workflow tasks Execute Package Task

Execute Process Task

Execute SQL Server Agent Job Task

Expression Task

Message Queue Task

Send Mail Task

WMI Data Reader Task

WMI Event Watcher Task
Preinstalled tasks (Azure Feature Pack) Azure Blob Download Task

Azure Blob Upload Task

Azure Data Lake Analytics Task

Azure Data Lake Store File System Task

Azure HDInsight Create Cluster Task

Azure HDInsight Delete Cluster Task

Azure HDInsight Hive Task

Azure HDInsight Pig Task

Azure SQL Azure Synapse Analytics Upload Task

Flexible File Task

To install additional custom/Open Source/3rd party components on your SSIS IR, follow the instructions in Customize Azure-SSIS IR.