What is Azure Information Protection?


Are you looking for Microsoft Purview Information Protection, formerly Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)?

The Azure Information Protection add-in is retired and replaced with labels that are built in to your Microsoft 365 apps and services. Learn more about the support status of other Azure Information Protection components.

The Microsoft Purview Information Protection client (without the add-in) is generally available.

Azure Information Protection (AIP) provides the encryption service, Azure Rights Management, that's used by Microsoft Purview Information Protection and the following capabilities:

For a comprehensive list of capabilities from Microsoft Purview Information Protection, see Protect your sensitive data with Microsoft Purview.

Microsoft Information Protection SDK

The Microsoft Information Protection SDK extends sensitivity labels to third-party apps and services. Developers can use the SDK to build built-in support for applying labels and protection to files.

For example, you might use the MIP SDK for:

  • A line-of-business application that applies sensitivity labels to files on export.
  • A CAD/CAM design application that provides support for built-in labeling.
  • A cloud access security broker or data loss prevention solution that reasons over data encrypted with Azure Information Protection.

For more information, see the Microsoft Information Protection SDK overview.