What's new in Fundraising and Engagement March 15, 2023

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact is proud to announce the March 15, 2023 release of Fundraising and Engagement, a constituent management CRM that is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit portfolio of products. This release brings significant enhancements to nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, data analysts, business analysts, database administrators, IT professionals, systems implementors, and our partner ecosystem. This release includes valuable enhancements to both Dynamics 365 and Azure services, empowering nonprofit organizations to drive greater impact with improved functionality, user experience, and overall performance.

The March release of Fundraising and Engagement includes the following new capabilities:

  • Fundraising performance dashboard: This dashboard delivers timely and proactive insights to fundraisers, Directors of Development, and nonprofit marketers by drawing from informative constituent, revenue, donation, and designation data captured in Fundraising and Engagement. This dashboard helps nonprofit staff to more effectively track its fundraising, revenue, constituent,, and campaign performance in real-time.
  • Data sync accelerator: This toolkit provides partner systems implementors and nonprofit database administrators with capabilities to accelerate the pace of data synchronization and calculations generated Fundraising and Engagement when ingesting substantial amounts of data during migration.
  • Environment checker: The environment checker added to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit installer enables proactive issue identification and resolution by providing configuration and environment health data with a few clicks.
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing insights
  • Constituent marketing journeys


The March 15, 2023 release of Dynamics 365 Marketing Insights and Constituent Marketing Journeys in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit features important code signing updates, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of Microsoft software for our valuable customers and partners. We highly recommend upgrading both Dynamics 365 Marketing Insights and Constituent Marketing Journeys via Microsoft Cloud Solution Center to leverage these updates.

Fundraising and Engagement is comprised of Dynamics 365 and Azure services. We highly recommend that nonprofit organizations and partners upgrade both Fundraising and Engagement Dynamics 365 solution version and Azure services to version to take advantage of the latest improvements.

Theme How it worked before How it works now
Constituent: Update credit card information Users sometimes encountered an error while updating the expiry date of an existing credit card on a constituent record. We addressed this issue so that users can now update the expiry date of the existing credit card information seamlessly without any errors.
Payment schedule: Create a recurring donation Users could see non-reusable payment methods in the dropdown selector. We removed non-reusable payment methods from the payment methods dropdown.
Constituent: Yearly giving calculations Yearly giving calculations sometimes timed out when large amounts of data were processed. We extended the timeout threshold to reduce the number of errors in the yearly giving calculations.

We also recommend that you explore our new Data sync accelerator, which offers an efficient solution for processing larger data volumes.
Receipt: Create receipt stack Users were unable to view the year 2023 in the receipt year option set, because the available values were limited to 2018-2022. Users can now create receipt stacks up to year 2025.
Donation import: Household When importing donations, the household value was automatically created based on the donor information in the file and then linked to both the donor and transaction records. The household value is now automatically linked to newly created donor and transaction only if you provide the household in the import file by household name or by address (city, zip code, Line 1).

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