Use Kerberos for SSO to Teradata

This article describes a specific added requirement to successfully enable single sign-on (SSO) to Teradata from the Power BI service.

  • If Teradata identifies user accounts by using sAMAccountNames, you must set FullDomainResolutionEnabled on the gateway to True.

  • If Teradata identifies user accounts by using User Principal Names (UPNs), keep FullDomainResolutionEnabled on the gateway set to False.

Enable SSO for Teradata

To change the FullDomainResolutionEnabled configuration on the gateway to enable SSO for Teradata:

  1. In the on-premises gateway directory at %ProgramFiles%\On-premises data gateway, open the configuration file Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.Pipeline.GatewayCore.dll.config.

  2. In the file, find the FullDomainResolutionEnabled property and change its value to True.

    <setting name=" FullDomainResolutionEnabled " serializeAs="String">

For more information about the on-premises data gateway and DirectQuery, see the following resources: