Entity Documentation - Component list

Below is a list of all available Components within Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for use with Entity JSON files.

Component Description
minecraft:addrider minecraft:addrider adds a rider to the entity.
minecraft:admire_item minecraft:admire_item compels an entity to ignore attackable targets for a given duration.
minecraft:ageable minecraft:ageable adds a timer for the entity to grow up.
minecraft:ambient_sound_interval minecraft:ambient_sound_interval will set the entity's delay between playing its ambient sound.
minecraft:anger_level minecraft:anger_level compels the entity to track anger towards a set of nuisances.
minecraft:angry minecraft:angry defines the entity's 'angry' state when using a timer.
minecraft:annotation_break_door minecraft:annotation.break_door compels an entity to break doors, presuming that the appropriate flags are set up for the component to use in navigation.
minecraft:annotation_open_door minecraft:annotation.open_door compels an entity to to open doors, assuming that the appropriate flags are set up for the component to use in navigation.
minecraft:area_attack minecraft:area_attack is a component that does damage to entities within a defined range.
minecraft:attack minecraft:attack compels an entity to define melee attacks and any additional effects on said attacks.
minecraft:attack_cooldown minecraft:attack_cooldown adds a cooldown to an entity.
minecraft:attack_damage minecraft:attack_damage specifies how much damage is dealt by the entity when it attacks.
minecraft:balloonable minecraft:balloonable allows the entity to have a balloon attached, and defines the conditions and events for the entity when it is ballooned.
minecraft:barter minecraft:barter enables the entity to drop an item as a barter exchange.
minecraft:block_climber minecraft:block_climber allows the player to detect and maneuver on the scaffolding block.
minecraft:block_sensor minecraft:block_sensor initiates a specified event when a block in the block list is broken within the sensor range.
minecraft:boostable minecraft:boostable defines the conditions and behavior of a rideable entity's boost.
minecraft:boss minecraft:boss defines the current state of the boss for updating the boss HUD.
minecraft:break_blocks minecraft:break_blocks specifies blocks that the entity can break as it moves around.
minecraft:breathable minecraft:breathable allows an entity to breathe in certain blocks and gives them the ability to suffocate.
minecraft:breedable minecraft:breedable compels an entity to establish a way to get into the love state used for breeding.
minecraft:bribeable minecraft:bribeable compels an entity to establish a way to get into the bribed state.
minecraft:buoyant minecraft:buoyant allows an entity to float on the specified liquid blocks.
minecraft:burns_in_daylight minecraft:burns_in_daylight compels an entity to burn when it's daylight.
minecraft:can_climb minecraft:can_climb allows an entity to climb ladders.
minecraft:can_fly minecraft:can_fly allows an entity the ability to fly.
minecraft:can_power_jump minecraft:can_power_jump allows an entity to power jump similar to the horse entity.
minecraft:celebrate_hunt minecraft:celebrate_hunt compels an entity to celebrate when hunting a specific entity.
minecraft:color minecraft:color defines the entity's main color.
minecraft:color2 minecraft:color2 defines the entity's second texture color.
minecraft:combat_regeneration minecraft:combat_regeneration gives Regeneration I and removes Mining Fatigue from the entity that kills the Actor's attack target.
minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization defines the Conditional Spatial Update Bandwidth Optimizations of this entity.
minecraft:custom_hit_test minecraft:custom_hit_test defines a list of hitboxes for melee and ranged hits against the entity.
minecraft:damage_over_time minecraft:damage_over_time applies a defined amount of damage to the entity at specified intervals.
minecraft:damage_sensor minecraft:damage_sensor defines what events to initiate when the entity is damaged by specific entities or items.
minecraft:default_look_angle minecraft:default_look_angle sets the entity's default head rotation angle.
minecraft:despawn minecraft:despawn compels an entity despawn when the despawn rules or optional filters evaluate to true.
minecraft:drying_out_timer minecraft:drying_out_timer sets a timer for drying out that will count down and initiate 'dried_out_event' or will stop as soon as the entity gets under rain or water, initiating stopped_drying_out_event.
minecraft:dweller minecraft:dweller compels an entity to join and migrate between villages and other dwellings.
minecraft:economy_trade_table minecraft:economy_trade_table defines the entity's ability to trade with players.
minecraft:entity_sensor minecraft:entity_sensor initiates an event when a set of conditions are met by other entities within the defined range.
minecraft:environment_sensor minecraft:environment_sensor creates a trigger based on environment conditions.
minecraft:equip_item minecraft:equip_item compels the entity to put on the desired equipment.
minecraft:equipment minecraft:equipment sets the equipment table to use for the entity.
minecraft:equippable minecraft:equippable defines an entity's behavior for having items equipped to it.
minecraft:exhaustion_values minecraft:exhaustion_values defines how much exhaustion each player action should take.
minecraft:experience_reward minecraft:experience_reward defines the amount of experience rewarded when the entity dies or is successfully bred.
minecraft:explode minecraft:explode defines how the entity explodes.
minecraft:fire_immune minecraft:fire_immune allows an entity to take 0 damage from fire.
minecraft:floats_in_liquid minecraft:floats_in_liquid allows the entity the ability to float in liquid blocks.
minecraft:flocking minecraft:flocking allows entities to flock in groups in water.
minecraft:flying_speed minecraft:flying_speed sets the speed, in blocks, this entity flies.
minecraft:follow_range minecraft:follow_range defines the range of blocks the entity will pursue a target.
minecraft:friction_modifier minecraft:friction_modifier defines how much friction affects the entity.
minecraft:game_event_movement_tracking minecraft:game_event_movement_tracking compels an entity to emit entityMove, swim and flap game events, depending on the block the entity is moving through.
minecraft:genetics minecraft:genetics defines the way the entity's genes and alleles are passed on to its offspring, and how those traits manifest in the child.
minecraft:giveable minecraft:giveable defines sets of items that can be used to trigger events when used on the entity. The item will also be taken and placed in the entity's inventory.
minecraft:ground_offset minecraft:ground_offset sets the offset from the ground that the entity is actually at.
minecraft:group_size minecraft:group_size keeps track of entity group size in the given radius.
minecraft:grows_crop minecraft:grows_crop could increase crop growth when entity walks over crop.
minecraft:healable minecraft:healable defines the interactions with the entity for healing it.
minecraft:health minecraft:health specifies how much life an entity has when spawned.
minecraft:heartbeat minecraft:heartbeat defines the entity heartbeat.
minecraft:hide minecraft:hide compels the entity to move to and hide at their owned POI or the closest nearby.
minecraft:home minecraft:home saves a home point of interest for when the the entity is spawned.
minecraft:horse.jump_strength minecraft:horse.jump_strength defines the jump height for a horse or similar entity, such as a donkey.
minecraft:hurt_on_condition minecraft:hurt_on_condition defines a set of conditions under which the entity should take damage.
minecraft:input_ground_controlled minecraft:input_ground_controlled allows a ridable entity to be controlled using keyboard controls when ridden by a player.
minecraft:inside_block_notifier minecraft:inside_block_notifier verifies whether the entity is inside any of the listed blocks.
minecraft:insomnia minecraft:insomnia adds a timer since last rested to see if phantoms should spawn.
minecraft:instant_despawn minecraft:instant_despawn despawns the entity immediately.
minecraft:interact minecraft:interact defines interactions with the entity.
minecraft:inventory minecraft:inventory defines how an entity's inventory is managed.
minecraft:is_baby minecraft:is_baby sets that the entity is a baby.
minecraft:is_charged minecraft:is_charged sets that the entity is charged.
minecraft:is_chested minecraft:is_chested sets that the entity is currently carrying a chest.
minecraft:is_dyeable minecraft:is_dyeable allows the entity to be interacted with dyes to change its color.
minecraft:is_hidden_when_invisible minecraft:is_hidden_when_invisible sets that the entity can hide from hostile mobs while invisible.
minecraft:is_ignited minecraft:is_ignited sets that the entity is currently on fire.
minecraft:is_illager_captain minecraft:is_illager_captain sets that the entity is an illager captain.
minecraft:is_saddled minecraft:is_saddled sets that the entity is currently saddled.
minecraft:is_shaking minecraft:is_shaking sets an entity is currently shaking.
minecraft:is_sheared minecraft:is_sheared sets that this entity is currently sheared.
minecraft:is_stackable minecraft:is_stackable sets that this entity can be stacked.
minecraft:is_stunned minecraft:is_stunned sets that this entity is currently stunned.
minecraft:is_tamed minecraft:is_tamed sets that this entity is currently tamed.
minecraft:item_controllable minecraft:item_controllable allows an entity to be controlled by an item when riding this entity.
minecraft:item_hopper minecraft:item_hopper compels an entity to function like a hopper block.
minecraft:jump.dynamic minecraft:jump.dynamic defines a dynamic type jump control that will change jump properties based on the speed modifier of the entity.
minecraft:jump.static minecraft:jump.static gives the entity the ability to jump.
minecraft:knockback_resistance minecraft:knockback_resistance allows an entity to resist being knocked backwards by a melee attack.
minecraft:lava_movement minecraft:lava_movement allows an entity a custom movement speed across lava blocks.
minecraft:leashable minecraft:leashable allows this entity to be leashed and defines the conditions and events for the entity when leashed.
minecraft:lookat minecraft:lookat defines the behavior when another entity looks at this entity.
minecraft:loot minecraft:loot sets the loot table for what items the entity drops upon death.
minecraft:managed_wandering_trader minecraft:managed_wandering_trader manages the entity's ability to trade.
minecraft:mark_variant minecraft:mark_variant sets the variant for the entity to be used.
minecraft:mob_effect minecraft:mob_effect applies a mob effect to entities that get within range.
minecraft:movement.amphibious minecraft:movement.amphibious allows the entity to swim in water and walk on land.
minecraft:movement.basic minecraft:movement.basic defines the movement of the entity.
minecraft:movement.dolphin minecraft:movement.dolphin defines the movement of a dolphin-like entity.
minecraft:movement.fly minecraft:movement.fly causes the entity to fly.
minecraft:movement.generic minecraft:movement.genericallows the entity to fly, swim, climb, etc.
minecraft:movement.glide minecraft:movement.glidedefines the movement control for flying entities with a gliding movement.
minecraft:movement.hover minecraft:movement.hover causes the entity to hover.
minecraft:movement.jump minecraft:movement.jump causes the entity to jump as it moves with a specified delay between jumps.
minecraft:movement.skip minecraft:movement.skip causes the entity to hop as it moves.
minecraft:movement.sway minecraft:movement.sway causes the entity to sway side to side giving the impression it is swimming.
minecraft:nameable minecraft:nameable allows the entity to be named (e.g. using a name tag).
minecraft:navigation.climb minecraft:navigation.climb compels the entity to generate paths that include vertical walls like the vanilla Spiders do.
minecraft:navigation.float minecraft:navigation.float compels the entity to generate paths by flying around the air like the regular Ghast.
minecraft:navigation.fly minecraft:navigation.fly compels the entity to generate paths in the air like the vanilla Parrots do.
minecraft:navigation.generic minecraft:navigation.generic compels the entity to generate paths by walking, swimming, flying and/or climbing around and jumping up and down a block.
minecraft:navigation.hover minecraft:navigation.hover compels the entity to generate paths in the air like the vanilla Bees do. Keeps them from falling from the skies and doing predictive movement.
minecraft:navigation.swim minecraft:navigation.swim compels the entity to generate paths that include water.
minecraft:navigation.walk minecraft:navigation.walk compels the entity to generate paths by walking around and jumping up and down a block.
minecraft:out_of_control minecraft:out_of_control defines the entity's 'out of control' state.
minecraft:peek minecraft:peek defines the entity's peek behavior.
minecraft:persistent minecraft:persistent defines whether an entity should be persistent in the game world.
minecraft:physics minecraft:physics defines physics properties of an entity, including if it is affected by gravity or if it collides with objects.
minecraft:player.exhaustion minecraft:player.exhaustion defines the player's exhaustion level.
minecraft:player.experience minecraft:player.experience defines how much experience each player action should take.
minecraft:player.level minecraft:player.level defines the player's level.
minecraft:player.saturation minecraft:player.saturation defines the player's need for food.
minecraft:preferred_path minecraft:preferred_path specifies costing information for entities that prefer to walk on preferred paths.
minecraft:projectile minecraft:projectile allows the entity to be a thrown entity.
minecraft:push_through minecraft:push_through sets the distance the entity can push through.
minecraft:pushable minecraft:pushable defines what can push an entity between other entities and pistons.
minecraft:raid_trigger minecraft:raid_triggerattempts to trigger a raid at the entity's location.
minecraft:rail_movement minecraft:rail_movement defines the entity's movement on the rails. An entity with this component is only allowed to move on the rail.
minecraft:rail_sensor minecraft:rail_sensor defines the entity's behavior when passing over an activated or deactivated rail.
minecraft:ravager_blocked minecraft:ravager_blocked defines the ravager's response to their melee attack being blocked.
minecraft:rideable minecraft:rideable determines whether the entity can be ridden.
minecraft:scaffolding_climber minecraft:scaffolding_climber allows the player to detect and manuever on the scaffolding block.
minecraft:scale minecraft:scale sets the entity's visual size by scaling the model size.
minecraft:scale_by_age minecraft:scale_by_age defines the entity's size interpolation based on the entity's age.
minecraft:scheduler minecraft:scheduler initiates scheduled entity events at time of day events.
minecraft:shareables minecraft:shareables defines a list of items the entity wants to share or pick up.
minecraft:shooter minecraft:shooter defines the entity's ranged attack behavior. The "minecraft:behavior.ranged_attack" goal uses this component to determine which projectiles to shoot.
minecraft:sittable minecraft:sittable defines the entity's sit state.
minecraft:skin_id minecraft:skin_id sets the entity's Skin ID value. Can be used to differentiate skins, such as base skins for villagers.
minecraft:sound_volume minecraft:sound_volume sets the entity's base volume for sound effects.
minecraft:spawn_entity minecraft:spawn_entity adds a timer after which this entity will spawn another entity or item (similar to vanilla's chicken's egg-laying behavior).
minecraft:strength minecraft:strength defines the entity's ability to carry items.
minecraft:tameable minecraft:tameable defines the rules for an entity to be tamed by the player.
minecraft:tamemount minecraft:tamemount allows the entity to be tamed by mounting it.
minecraft:target_nearby_sensor minecraft:target_nearby_sensor defines the entity's range within which it can see or sense other entities to target them.
minecraft:teleport minecraft:teleport defines an entity's teleporting behavior.
minecraft:tick_world minecraft:tick_world defines if the entity ticks the world and the radius around it to tick.
minecraft:timer minecraft:timer adds a timer after which an event will initiate.
minecraft:trade_table minecraft:trade_table defines this entity's ability to trade with players.
minecraft:trail minecraft:trail causes an entity to leave a trail of blocks as it moves about the world.
minecraft:transformation minecraft:transformation defines an entity's transformation from the current definition into another.
minecraft:trust minecraft:trust allows the entity to trust one or more players.
minecraft:trusting minecraft:trusting defines the rules for an entity to trust players.
minecraft:type_family minecraft:type_family defines the families the entity belongs to.
minecraft:underwater_movement minecraft:underwater_movement defines the speed an entity can move in the water.
minecraft:variant minecraft:variant is used to differentiate the component group of a variant of an entity from others, such as ocelot, villager and horse.
minecraft:walk_animation_speed minecraft:walk_animation_speed sets the speed multiplier for the entity's walk animation speed.
minecraft:wants_jockey minecraft:wants_jockey sets that the entity wants to become a jockey.
minecraft:water_movement minecraft:water_movement defines the speed with which an entity can move through water.
minecraft:variable_max_auto_step minecraft:variable_max_auto_step defines a maximum auto step height that is different depending on whether the entity is on a block that prevents jumping.