Funnel (Beta)


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Item Description
Release State Beta
Products Power BI (Datasets)
Power BI (Dataflows)
Authentication Types Supported Funnel Account


To use the Funnel connector, you need a Funnel subscription. Funnel helps you collect data from all your marketing platforms, transform it, and send it to the destinations you want, like Power BI (

In the Funnel App, go to your account, navigate to the Microsoft Power BI page in the left navigation (if you can't see it, contact us). Follow the instructions on the page. You need to create a "View" that contains the fields you want to expose in Power BI.

Capabilities Supported

  • Import

Connect to Funnel from Power Query Desktop

To connect to Funnel:

  1. Select Online Services, find Funnel from the product-specific data connector list, and then select Connect.

    Select Funnel Connector.

  2. Select Sign in to sign in to your Funnel account.

    Sign in to your Funnel account.

  3. Sign in with your Google user connected to Funnel or use your Funnel credentials.

    Sign in to your Funnel account step 2.

  4. Once you've successfully signed in, select Connect to continue.

    Successfully signed in to your Funnel account.

  5. In the Navigator dialog box, choose one or more views from your accounts to import your data.

    Choose "views" from accounts.

    For each view, you can enter number of rolling months of data you want.


    The default number of months is 12. If today is 22.03.2022, then you'll get data for the period 01.04.2021 through 22.03.2022.

    You can then either select Load to load the data or select Transform Data to transform the data.

Known issues and limitations

  • If a view contains too much data for one month, the connector will get a TOO_MANY_ROWS error.

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